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Ranch Imagination

Happy Birthday Candy Garden

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Create a magical and fun birthday easily by starting the celebration count down early. Grow a Candy Garden during the birthday week and have full grown candy suckers on the birthday. Growing Candy Garden's are a magical time that will be remembered for years.

List the name you would like on the extra large coloring page. We will confirm name with an email.

Candy Gardens come complete. Garden Tray, Bag of Candy Seeds, Magical Soil, Candy Budding Dust, an extra large coloring sheet, box of crayons, even a display case for the Candy Garden*. Instructions for the child and separate instructions for the "Magical Touch" helper. *There is a separate box included that holds the magic and the supplies to making the Candy Garden grow at the pace you decide. Imaginations are being formed for everyone, young and old, we only ask that you do not spoil the fun. Talk about the Wow not the How.